US Army continues its battle against brownout - ROTORHUB

(ROTORHUB), October 25, 2016 – The US Army is continuing along its path of providing aircraft with degraded visual environment (DVE) technology through the PEO Aviation’s Brownout Rotorcraft Enhancement System (BORES) programme.

Between 2002 and 2015 around 80% of helicopter fatalities were attributed to some form of DVE, and the aim of BORES is to mitigate this and increase safety for army personnel.

Leading the effort Col Matt Hannah, PM Aviation Systems at PEO Aviation, believes the BORES programme will also inform future requirements.

When fully fielded the BORES DVE solution, which will leverage the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) DVE Pilotage System, will be integrated onto around 300 aircraft, with priority placed on UH-60M, HH-60M and the CH-47F aircraft....