SNC Successfully Deploys Vindlér™ Satellite Constellation Enabling Advanced LEO Analytics

HERNDON, Va. (Nov. 13, 2023) – SNC today announced the successful launch of its Vindlér satellite constellation. SNC’s Vindlér is designed to detect and geo-locate specific objects from low-Earth orbit (LEO) based on targeted radio frequency (RF) emissions ranging from VHF to L-band. This state-of-the art constellation brings the most accurate RF geolocations to the commercial market, addressing many of today’s pressing challenges. The initial four 6U cubesats are on-orbit and performing as expected.

Vindlér is a commercial data source that can be used to locate emitters of interest throughout the world. It can be used to track dark vessels, GPS jammers and more in support of national security efforts. Each satellite downlinks up to 4GB of data per day and geolocates emitters to within one kilometer.

“SNC is filling in a much-needed gap for space-based, commercial radio frequency data,” said Tim Owings, executive vice president of SNC’s Mission Systems and Technology business area. “This launch is the first phase in a multi-year program that will unlock a wealth of capability for the USG.”

SNC partnered with Spire Global, Inc. (NYSE: SPIR), a global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, to launch four satellites on SpaceX's Transporter-9 mission via Exolaunch. Successful contact has been made with all four satellites.

“We’re proud to work with SNC to build out its constellation and appreciate their confidence in our team and our Space as a Service offering,” said Frank Frulio, general manager of Space Services, Spire. “Our objective with Spire Space Services is to simplify space and make it accessible for all. With our secure, scalable and proven platform, we are enabling SNC to advance its RF collection capabilities in an efficient, low-risk and cost-effective manner.”

Vindlér Capabilities include:

  • Collect frequencies ranging from VHF to L-band
  • Geolocation datasets with industry leading accuracy
  • Downlink 4GB/satellite daily
  • Low-latency delivery for time-sensitive operations
  • Growing constellation with custom mission payloads
  • Intuitive interface for tasking & analytics
  • RF data catalog with automated ingest
  • Algorithms correlating imagery & RF emissions supporting computer vision requirements
  • Safeguard against RF & GPS interference

Over the next several years, the constellation will grow to more than 20 satellites, all of which will collect additional radio frequency bands and offer intraday revisits.

A pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning, SNC brings more than 14 years’ experience developing advanced algorithms, analytics, process automation and leading laboratories to the project.


About SNC
SNC is a trusted leader in innovative, advanced technology solutions and open architecture integrations in aerospace and national security. For 60 years, SNC has worked to stay one step ahead; working on solutions today to solve the problems of tomorrow. SNC provides the leading-edge tools our nation’s heroes need to safeguard freedom and bring them home safely including customized solutions in the fields of aviation, electronic support measures, JADC2, mission systems and inline cybersecurity. SNC is owned by Chairwoman Eren Ozmen and CEO Fatih Ozmen.

About Spire Global, Inc.

Spire (NYSE: SPIR) is a global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, offering unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth so that organizations can make decisions with confidence in a rapidly changing world. Spire builds, owns, and operates a fully deployed satellite constellation that observes the Earth in real time using radio frequency technology. The data acquired by Spire’s satellites provides global weather intelligence, ship and plane movements, and spoofing and jamming detection to better predict how their patterns impact economies, global security, business operations and the environment. Spire also offers Space as a Service solutions that empower customers to leverage its established infrastructure to put their business in space. Spire has nine offices across the U.S., Canada, UK, Luxembourg, Germany and Singapore. To learn more, visit

Ayse Caglar

Vice President