SNC Releases Dream Chaser® Spacecraft CRS-2 Program Patch

October 08, 2019

The Dream Chaser® spacecraft CRS-2 program patch has been designed to represent the overall program at Sierra Nevada Corporation.

Mission and program patches are common in the space industry, and they typically incorporate areas of symbolism.

Symbols in the Dream Chaser CRS-2 program patch include:

  • Six large stars represent the six minimum missions to the Space Station which will be completed for NASA under the CRS-2 program by 2024.
  • A star over Colorado signifies where Dream Chaser is designed, built and operated.
  • The International Space Station is our destination for each mission under CRS-2. Dream Chaser will stay mated to the space station for up to 75 days during each mission.

Six additional mission patches will also be created for each Dream Chaser CRS-2 NASA missions as launch dates approach.

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