SNC Demonstrates AE-4500 Ground ESM System at U.S. Marine Corps MAWTS-1 Exercise

SNC recently supported a U.S. Marine Corps training exercise in Yuma, Arizona using the AE-4500 Auto ESM system.  The AE-4500 is a modular, small size weight and power (SWaP), precision DF system designed for both manned and unmanned airborne platforms.  Thanks in part to its modular architecture – the AE-4500 system was repackaged into a ground-based configuration to support the Marine Corps’ Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course 2-23. 

"We were impressed by the hard work of the SNC team and the overall performance of the system. I enjoyed working with such a professional and knowledgeable group." – Maj. Steven Nye, a C3 Specialist at Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron ONE

During the demonstration, the AE-4500 successfully provided direction finding and combat identification for multiple red and blue force aircraft.  This exercise was the first time SNC was able to demonstrate the ground-based system’s ability to provide a self-contained combat identification capability for the Marines’ air defense community.

The SNC team successfully assembled, modified and tested the AE-4500 ground system in less than two months.  SNC’s willingness to take risks and rapidly respond to this tactical demonstration creates the opportunity for integration of our system into the Marine Corps air defense architecture.  This integration will enable Marines to fill a critical gap, and be more survivable and lethal.











Left to Right: Kirt Wlaschin, Matt Johnson, Roger Wise, Nick Costanza, Major Steven Nye