Sierra Nevada Corporation's Fatih Ozmen Looks Ahead to New Era of Collaboration on Turkish Regional Aircraft Project

Addresses Benefits of Strengthening U.S.-Turkish Business Relations at 2015 ATC Conference

SPARKS, Nev., September 29, 2015 – Fatih Ozmen, CEO of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), a United States-based aerospace and aviation systems company, described a new future for U.S.-Turkish business relations as he shared details about collaboration on the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project. TRJet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNC, will produce Turkey’s first regional passenger aircraft. Ozmen delivered the keynote address at the 2015 American Turkish Council (ATC) Conference Tues., Sept. 29, at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington D.C. 

“We expect this aircraft will help change the face of transportation in Turkey,” said Ozmen. “At its core, TRJet is about the transfer of skills, expertise and education. It offers a solid foundation for technology and innovation, one that the people of Turkey can build on and then reap the benefits for generations to come.” With final approvals for the historic project in progress, the next step is to start construction on the TRJet facility in Ankara.

Named among the “Top 10 Most Influential Turkish Americans” by TurkofAmerica magazine, Ozmen discussed how Ankara-based TRJet, will utilize a modernized version of the Dornier 328 aircraft, enabling the first flight of the TRJ328™ aircraft to take place in a few years by 2019. Together, TRJet, STM and SSM are making good progress toward finalizing the contract, and TRJet intends to utilize the parts and sources currently available in the Turkish-based aviation industry, to the greatest extent possible, to support that inaugural flight schedule.  

The TRJ328 is considered a stepping stone toward production of the Republic of Turkey’s first domestically-designed passenger aircraft, the TRJ628™. Fully designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers, Turkish-based suppliers are expected to increase significantly to furnish aircraft parts for the TRJ628. The first flight is anticipated for 2023 in honor of Turkey’s centennial.

The Project fills a niche market for direct and frequent flights between small Turkish cities which is currently not feasible using larger airplanes. The introduction of TRJet is intended to support the growth of Turkey’s existing civil aviation industry and open the country to the global aviation market as an aircraft original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

In addition to expanding horizons for Turkey’s aviation industry, TRJet also signifies an investment in the country’s next generation of engineers and leaders. As part of his address, Ozmen discussed that this program will result in thousands of new direct and indirect jobs in Turkey for aircraft engineering and manufacturing.

“The most important capital for the Republic Turkey is human capital. Turkey is fortunate to have high quality universities with many bright and dedicated young students,” said SNC President Eren Ozmen. “Our desire is to create a future with even more possibilities, for the next generation and for Turkey, by creating high-impact global jobs to maximize their potential.”

Ozmen’s keynote marks the latest collaboration between SNC and STM following the May 27, 2015 signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to produce the country’s first regional jet as part of the Project.

Ozmen joined other notable speakers at the conference including U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ); President of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu; the Honorable John R. Bass, U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Turkey;and Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, commander of U.S. European Command and NATO supreme allied commander Europe.

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About TRJet 
Headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, TRJet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SNC which serves the Turkish Regional Aircraft Project (Project) and the commercial aviation sector. Making Turkey’s first regional aircraft a reality, the Project fills a niche market for direct and frequent flights between small Turkish cities which is currently not feasible using larger airplanes. TRJet also supports the growth of Turkey’s existing civil aviation industry and will help to introduce the country to the global aviation market establishing it as an aircraft original equipment manufacturer (OEM), allwhile contributing significantly to Turkey’s economy.

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