Meet SNC Subsidiary & Sustainable Aviation OEM, Deutsche Aircraft

April 12, 2021

This month we celebrate Mother Earth and reflect on what we can do better to protect her. Part of SNC’s mission is to apply our passion, positivity, humility and commitment to paying it forward to future generations. As a fully owned subsidiary of SNC, Deutsche Aircraft brings this to life as it has accepted the mission to address environmental challenges by actively developing solutions aimed at more sustainable aviation.  

Located in Liepzig, in the German state of Saxony, Deutsche Aircraft is a newly formed aircraft manufacturer. Its vision is to become a premier aircraft producer, recognised globally for clean energy, innovation and excellence, leading the way to more sustainable flight as part of a future of integrated regional transportation solutions. 

Deutsche Aircraft is developing the D328eco™ aircraft, a 40-seat, passenger-class plane with advanced eco-efficient technologies and advanced flight deck capabilities. It is planned for entry into service in 2025. It will create the benchmark in efficiency for the market and will lead the way to a more sustainable industry. The D328eco airframe will be compatible for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) application and will support a path forward for synthetic/bio-fuel use and related de-carbonisation by reduction of fossil fuel.  

Not only is it developing aircraft, Deutsche Aircraft also strives to build a sustainable ecosystem through the planning of a new, industry 4.0, carbon neutral and paperless final assembly line facility in Leipzig. Together with a qualification road map generated in concert with the wider supply chain, it will create the ability to integrate disruptive technologies that will open new markets through greener, more technologically advanced products. The company also pays attention to compliance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations.  

Deutsche Aircraft is developing future technologies with key industry players including SNC, but also DLR (German Aerospace Center) and several other aviation suppliers through the Lufo (German Federal Aviation Research Program). The objective is to use the D328 aircraft platform – on which the D328eco is based – as a testbed to introduce new hybrid technology propulsion systems and test viability on the integration of alternative source energies within the aviation industry, such as electric through battery, or hydrogen combined with fuel cells as an alternative and complementary energy source.  

The technology roadmap and strategy are based upon the objective of developing a platform capable of offering the first zero emissions flights to the market, and we are proud to be involved with this ambitious journey and get the opportunity to change the way the world travels. 

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About Deutsche Aircraft 
Founded on the proud heritage of Dornier and Germany’s reputation for engineering design, quality and innovation, Deutsche Aircraft is the new purpose-driven German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Built on the heritage and expertise of 328 Support Services GmbH, the Type certificate holder of the Dornier 328 aircraft (D328®), Deutsche Aircraft will enable future development of the D328® platform, and exploit future technologies and capabilities to produce a more efficient, economic and environmentally friendly aircraft, and to drive the future of aviation toward a zero-emission flight objective. Together with the participation of the German Government, Deutsche Aircraft will lead the way in a new era of clean aviation and will address the needs to protect our planet and inspire future generations, for cleaner, safer and more efficient air travel.