It's National Engineers Week: Thank You SNC Engineering Team!

February 24, 2022

Each year, National Engineers Week (EWeek) is celebrated to encourage a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce.

At SNC, our team of engineers and engineering support work every day to dream, innovate, and inspire the next generation. In fact, did you know that around 30% of SNC employees work in the engineering field

To celebrate, we spoke with a handful of our best and brightest to learn what inspires them to make an impact each day. 

What’s one thing you know now about working in STEM that you wish you knew when you were in school?

KellyKellie, Engineering Services Manager: I wish that I would have known how much fun it would be working in the STEM industry, and to not get discouraged early on in life. I had a biology teacher who was a wonderful mentor, she encouraged me to further my education in science and technology, which I promptly ignored and took the long route to get here. As diverse representation in STEM increases, I hope it serves as inspiration for young individuals out there to follow their passion.


JaredJared, Engineering Manager: All of this stuff is going to come back up sooner or later. Pay attention and you’ll pull your team out of a jam later. 

TravisTravis, Sr. Engineering Manager: People are SO important.  There is a competitive element in college that teaches us we need to be better/smarter/faster than the individual sitting in the desk next to us.  The day you step out of the classroom that individual is going to be your teammate and you will have to learn how to work together.  This requires looking beyond what that individual can contribute and seeing them as a person.


Please describe the type of engineering you do.


RayRay., Sr. Engineering Manager: My degree is in Computer Science, I initially started out in Software Engineering for a consulting firm which exposed me to many industries: Banking, Law Enforcement, Government, Health Care, just to name a few. Currently I manage a team of very smart and dedicated Network Engineers, System Administrators, and Security Engineers. We embrace the Agile methodology implementing networking solutions and cyber security compliance for programs and development labs.

MaryMary, Sr. Principal Systems Engineer: I am a software engineer; I gather requirements, design & implement the requirements. I have been with SNC for 18 years and I primarily have been in a leadership role – managing several software projects. My focus over the years has been on Semantic Technologies and Natural Language Technologies; technologies that add meaning to data. 


What excites you about your work?


JessicaJessica, Engineering Manager: I love coming to work every day because I get to empower others to “go do great things.”  I’m privileged to be in a position at SNC where I can offer coaching, mentorship and opportunities to develop the next generation of leaders.  I want to see everyone free to explore possibilities, fail intelligently, participate in honest conversations, connect through collaboration, test radical ideas and always be curious. Being a leader in the SNC Women’s ERG and IAS Intern Advisor has provided me with even more outlets to not only support engineers in their professional confidence, but for me to learn from them as well!  Each year I learn so many new things from our interns and I look forward to each summer with enthusiastic anticipation. Watching others succeed is so fulfilling and if I get to have a part in their success, that’s all I could hope for.

Dan, Sr. Principal Electrical Engineer: What I love most about being an engineer at SNC is just the opportunity for day-to-day problem solving.  While not every day involves some ground-breaking signal processing problem that I really enjoy, there is always something I can contribute to keep our sensor developments going.  I have been at SNC long enough to take several generations of sensors from concept to being fielded, and being a part of the entire process keeps things interesting.



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