i360 Labs Features & Benefits

An interoperable, OA hybrid cloud environment

OA drives unlimited
Government data rights

Simplified plug-and-play
 platform integration

Rapidly inject
technical capabilities

Innovate from a distance
with remote access

True OA Technology Environment

True OA Technology Environment

Our OA i360 Labs can be hosted in the government cloud or on premise, have a modular design, using micro-services and secure containers to conduct and simulate numerous design of experiments (DOE).  Additionally it provides an open machine learning engine to apply third-party artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) models to rapidly explore new exploitation and data processing methods. We use DevOps and DevSecOps processes to automate development and increase speed of delivery. Third-party vendors can integrate systems on site with technical subject matter experts (SME) or remotely leveraging documentation and messaging to SMEs.

SNC offers the largest repository of commercially available information (CAI) with 500+ PB of data complied with advanced algorithms. We also provide truly OA solutions that are modular open systems approach (MOSA)-compliant with increased interoperability across systems and domains - including unlimited government data rights.

360° Overview

  • Unlimited Government Data Rights: Via OA

  • Ease-of-Use: Anyone can explore new concepts or design, regardless of platform knowledge, technical capabilities or data

  • Simplified Platform Integration: Our OA data bus provides a plug-and-play learning environment to learn technologies & test so you can move to your operational environment with confidence

  • Remote Access: i360 Lab can be accessed remotely so users can innovate from a distance, reducing cost & time to explore new technologies

  • Accelerated Learning: Ability to rapidly inject technical capabilities in a classified environment to evaluate & test if a product is ready to move to phase 2 with limited paperwork

  • Increased Realism: Through development environment that mimics live environment without added burden of OEM coordination, clearances & facilities
360° Overview