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LED Lighting

LEDs are the only existing lighting technology that enables practical control of individual spectral bands, providing a new tool for controlling crop performance and quality, as well as reducing power use by optimizing light output for the desired application. Other benefits of LED lighting over other existing systems (such as fluorescent and high intensity discharge lamps) include:
  • Lower radiant heat output, allowing operation closer to plants to reduce energy use
  • Less degradation of light output with aging
  • Longer life expectancy
  • Improved safety: no pressurized bulbs, broken glass, or mercury, and low surface temperatures
  • Robust, easy to maintain
  • No expendables like ballasts or bulbs
  • Compatible with complex control protocols and direct integration with sensor systems (e.g. DLI)
Sunbow LampThe Sunbow Science Research Lamp is a solid-state lighting system that allows the user to set a range of spectral characteristics.

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